Thursday, August 7, 2008

Im Backkk!

Missed me? I know i've been gone 4 a cool minute! i havent psted anything since June. Alot of stuff has happened that im not gonnna go into detail with rite now.. lol
And i know u guys have missed me on aim lately, well im kickless rite now. idk how long ill b kickless but ill b signed on whenever i get a chance. like rite now im at my job at the American Red Cross,
actually im volunteering which means i dont get paid lol so technically its not a job. Right now im sitting in my office bored bcuz my boss is out of town so i dont really have nuthing 2 do so ive been on aim since i got here and just watchin videos on youtube. sounds fun huh? Yeah well alot of stuff is on my mind, especially about the new school year. I have less then 1 month til school starts and i still havent finished reading those two books for my AP English class. omg 1 of the books is the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and i cannot Understand a word tht book is saying!!!!! its all these big words! how am i supposed 2 write a summary on sumthin i dont even understand? ugh! but anyway, summer school is almost over (1 more week) im so grateful 4 it 2 end! i hate my classes!1 of my teachers look like the lady that does my nails lol and the other look like a hamster. but as long as i get my A or B im good! welp since i dont have ne thing 2 do ima start on my spanish hw.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tired of Jamaican Food

I love my Jamaican culture and everything. especially the food and the music. But for the past month, ive been habing Jamaican food like ev-ry-day!!! and im tired of it!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


ok. i think it's time i addressed this issue because im very tired of people calling themselves fresh and fitted! when they're not!!!!!!!!!! nowadays everyones sn is "2fresh" this "2fitted" that. ugh! then they come to school wit the ugliest shit on! they got on sumthin cute prolly once every 2 weeks. and the same abercrombie hoodie like ev-ry-day! (not gonna say no names) lol ooo and another sn i saw was sumthin like "ms.juicy couture" ummm... but the only juicy thing u got is a juicy couture sock... hmm.. prolly shouldn't have that sn now should u?? yeah, get at least 3 b4 u claim it ok. y cant screennames b simple? or a nickname (that people actually call u)...
tisk tisk... well ill add more to this later. g2g BET AWARDS IS ON!

Celeb Relationships

Just a thought, y don't celebrities claim each other? whenever they go on talk shows and interviews and they're asked about the rumors of their relationship, they always say, "we're really good friends". For example, Rihanna and Chris Brown. Rihanna was on the view the other day and said they were just really close and he's a nice guy. Cummon they're seen everywhere 2gether! and they have the same tatoo of stars behind their neck. Keep it real peoples!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Last Day of School

On the Last day of school, i went 2 school at 8, none of my friends had got there yet, so i was bored... then Torray and Ashlei came, then i wasn't bored anymore. then we handled some business like talking to counselors and stuff. then... Ashlei left us 2 go 2 the bridge and got a citation for ditching school lol. So around 10, me and Torray got hungry, so we walked 2 taco bell. i got the 89cent cheesy double beef burrito! yummmmy! and she got sum chalupas yuck! and we got a cup of water(but we filled it up with soda :p) lol and sum of the homies was there too. this weird guy asked me if i was gonna eat my burrito??? freakin bumb! and he swore he was funny! SMH.. and we both got food on our clothes, so we had 2 wash it out then we had biggo wet spot on us. then we loved the air conditioning in there, so we stayed in there 4 almost 2 hours!

then we went 2 the library 4 a sec, then these ignorant lil freshman was pushin Torray's buttons. Then.. we went 2 viva fresh and got refills. then my dad dropped off my money. Then we got on the bus, and Larry got mad cuz we left him, i know i shoulda waited, but i was in a hurry 2 get there. then we got on the bus, then we got off the bus, then we walked about 5 blocks then decided the walk was too long so we took the bus the rest of the way, then we got off, then we got there, and we looked at sum sunglasses, then got henna tatoos, then my Larry came, then i was happy! then we almost got shitted on, then i bought sum nasty ass pizza. yuck! then scrappy came, then we got in the water and larry spent 5min debating if he should take off his shirt or not lol then he took it off, then we got we got in the water finally, then he kept tryna get my hair wet! then we had sum fun, then all torray and ashlei did was put their feet in the water, how boring! then we just tanned on the sun,

then it was time 2 go, then were washed off our feet, then larry and scrappy kept makin fun of this bumb lmao (they always makin fun of sum bumbs) lol then i bought sum ice cream, yum! then we got on the bus, then we got 2 the other bus stop, and this indian lady kept starin at me cuz i barely had clothes on and her ass was burnin up in that hot ass hijab lmao but anyways, when we got on the bus, this crazy maxican man was talkin 2 himself and smoking an unlit blunt lmao then it was time 4 me 2 get off the bus and i gave my boo a hug and kiss goodbye (saddest part of the day) lol then me and torray got on the 111. the bus smelt like piss! then i got off and went home, and she had 2 go 2 work. then i was home alone 4 a good hour!
then... i was in hell! and i saw flava flav again lmao

Monday, June 16, 2008

A video i never posted

I know flava flav

Yes, its true.. I know flava flav. I c him 5000 times a day. He comes over ALL THE TIME! seriously! He's Rude! Annoying! and is trying 2 kill me with second hand smoke! and i touched his duty draws!! and he has the most annoying Jamaican accent ever! I grew up with the Jamaican accept all my life, but his is sooo loud and annoying! ugh! he's so fugly! gross!!!
ok im done. all i have 2 say is... wooooooooooooooooow (flava flav voice)lol